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Status: [CLOSED]

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Traditional Art Categories


Price : $300 (shipping: $5)

♦ For when you want the picture to tell a story or illustrate some kind of scene and/or evoke specific feelings and thoughts. Less of a character illustration, more of a standard storybook kind of illustration.
♦ The examples provided are very old. Refer to the other traditional art categories for current style/expertise.
♦ Shading and details will be as refined as physically possible.
♦ Includes a detailed background by default.
♦ Shows at least 50% of the (main) character. The amount depends on what's good for the composition and which details on the character are crucial. Multiple characters can be included in the composition.

    • dimensions
    • 210 × 297 cm ♦ 8.27 × 11.7 in
    • materials
    • ivory paper (relatively heavy), 2B mechanical pencil (Rotring), fixative spray
    • usage
    • noncommercial

Miscellaneous Categories

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