Who am I?

About the Artist

Hi! I’m Melinda Vass, a freelance illustrator currently living in Budapest, Hungary.

When it comes to illustration i aim to be a good storyteller, i wish to show feelings and wonder, intriguing stories, strange places, dynamic movement and the play of colors, shadows and light. I enjoy giving attention to every little detail whenever it is permitted by time and resources, but i also love painting wildly. As for design and concept art, i enjoy inventing interesting and unique creatures, environments and characters. My favorite aesthetic is variety. I make it a point to bring 110% out of myself and learn as much as possible from everything i create. I think that above all, i would love to spark other people’s imagination, whether it is through illustrations, concepts or stories.

Studies, Previous Employment

I studied mainly graphic design and illustration at the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest, Hungary. Soon after, i worked full-time at Highlander Studio Kft. (Szeged, Hungary) for about a year, where i was a senior 2D artist. Currently i am available for freelance work as well as full-time employment.

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