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Information & Terms of Service

  • Contact for commission inquiries:
    • whiteraven.art@gmail.com

    In the e-mail, briefly explain what it is that you want me to draw. If you have a question, ask. Don’t send payment or detailed info until we agreed on the commission.

  • Payment method, currency:
    Paypal or bank transfer. USD/EUR/HUF preferred. Pre-paid in full under $100 items. Above that: either prepaid in full, or through partial payments. Note that if you are not the first in line, you don’t immediately have to send payment. But if you want to get it out of the way quickly, you can, of course. In the event that you are not ready to pay when i get to your commission, i’ll postpone the commission a bit, until payment is received.
  • Prices & Complexity:
    Where instead of a flat price, a price range is given, the exact price is complexity-dependent. Things such as armor, wavy fur, mechanical parts (e.g. the components inside a computer case), intricate architecture (e.g. baroque, gothic) take a longer time to make than most things, and the price will have to reflect that. On the other hand, things such as (and i’m exaggerating here) a polar bear in a snowstorm, Ditto the Pokemon, and similarly simple things may cost less than average. An ordinary human being with modern clothes on is the example i’d give for average complexity.
  • I can work with written descriptions as well as visual references.
  • Completion time:
    • Largely depends on the type of commission. E.g. a Large Digital Illustration can be expected to take 2 months, a standard illustration 2-3 weeks, a sketch 1-7 days – not counting waiting times in the queue.
    • If you think i’m taking way too long, you can request a full refund and cancel the commission. If you are on the list but i haven’t started your commission and you changed your mind about the thing you want me to draw, we can renegotiate it (free of charge).
  • You can view most of the commissions i have finished in my DA gallery.
    You can also find progress shots, WIPs, sketches and the likes on my tumblr.
  • The commissioned pieces are not for commercial use.
  • You may:
    • print the commissioned piece out for non-commercial purposes,
    • post a digital version in your personal online gallery if you credit me in the description,
    • use it as a desktop wallpaper, and similar uses, e.g. internet browser theme background, Twitter header, accessory to a tabletop RPG session, etc.
  • I retain the right to sell prints of a finished commission. If you don’t agree to this, tell me (as soon as possible), and i will not turn it into a print.
  • I will post the finished piece to my online galleries and social media – but if you want me to hold off on it for a while, i will.

Workflow Information

Applicable to every category, except for: Character Reference Sheet*, Stylized Figure, Miscellaneous Categories, Sketch Commissions.

I will make 3-4 rough sketches and let you choose which one to continue with, and make changes to the chosen sketch if needed.
After that, by default i will make 3-4 color versions, unless you want to skip this step.
Next you will receive the final image in full size. If you would like to get an update before that to see how’s it going, i’ll gladly provide updates.
Lastly, i can make small changes to the picture at this point, if needed. But if everything checks out, then it’s done.

* = Reference sheets are more complex, so the amount of back-and-forth communication will be more frequent.

1080p process video

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