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Fast Character Drawing

Price : $40

Not available, unless explicitly stated.

A discount Character Illustration; i would like to reserve this category for emergency situations.

Estimated completion time: 5-8 hours. Whether you want a portrait or a bust or a full-body image, it's the same. Price is also the same.
Dimensions, resolution: ~2500 px width and/or height maximum. 72 DPI.
The work method outlined in the ToS page under Workflow Information does not apply. Work method for this category: 1, you give me reference picture(s) for what you would like me to draw, and how you would like me to draw it (mood, theme, pose, etc) 2, i draw it in one go. I can make minor alterations to the final picture if needed. Note that written descriptions don't work within this category, just reference picture(s).


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