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Status: [CLOSED]

Digital Art Categories

Quick Scene Illustration

Price : $150

The focus can be either the landscape/environment, or character(s) in an environment.

Adding extra characters to the composition does not raise the price, but whether there is 1 character in it, or 10, i will spend the same amount of time on the picture and the level of detail on each character will be adjusted accordingly.

Pros: Shouldn't take a long time to make. A couple of days, if you are at the front of the commission queue. Possible unexpected difficulties might cause some delay.
Cons: It might not look as refined or detailed as "Illustration" or "Large Illustration", since it's done quickly.

    • resolution
    • 72 DPI
    • dimensions
    • 1000-5000 px width and/or height
    • format
    • PNG
    • usage
    • noncommercial

Traditional Art Categories

Miscellaneous Categories

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