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Status: [CLOSED]

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Character Reference Sheet

Price : $200+

♦ Bit more complicated to give an estimate due to each person's and character's wants and needs. Flat colors (no shading, no textures) take less and cost less. The starting price roughly translates either to 2 full-body-views plus 1 bust of a character, all flat colors, plus minimal background and text - or 2 full-body views with shading+textures, plus minimal background and text.
Some examples of what can be added: full-body drawings, portraits, detail shots (body-parts, items), action shots (fighting stances, flight methods), expression charts, elaborate background art, frames, and so on.
♦ Depending on how many things to draw there are and how complex those things are, a reference sheet may take anywhere between a few weeks to two months, and the price will reflect that.

    • resolution
    • 300 DPI
    • dimensions
    • varies
    • format
    • PNG
    • usage
    • noncommercial

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